Meet to Create — reviewed

2. Mai 2015Jo Hempelaktuell, Allgemein, Meet to CreateKeine Kommentare

7 Days ago we had the official opening of the project MEET TO CREATE.

After 7 days of continious work and a real „somebody is inside the Fabrik45 27/7″ we have been happy to show to the public the creative outcome.

An outcome that did suite all expectations we had on the project….

But is has been a very creative Chaos for a long way..and we did open later than planed…why?

Because it is „Meet to Create“ and with this we worked till the last second.

So right now we do not show you pictures or videos on the whole process, because those are not ready yet but a small glimpse on how the Fabrik45 did appear on thursday morning…..

We will get back to you soon with more impressions and a closer look.


201504_MF_Meet-to-create_Impressionen_0020 201504_MF_Meet-to-create_Impressionen_0021 201504_MF_Meet-to-create_Impressionen_0025 201504_MF_Meet-to-create_Impressionen_0007 201504_MF_Meet-to-create_Impressionen_0008 201504_MF_Meet-to-create_Impressionen_0012 201504_MF_Meet-to-create_Impressionen_0013  201504_MF_Meet-to-create_Impressionen_0016 201504_MF_Meet-to-create_Impressionen_0018 201504_MF_Meet-to-create_Impressionen_0019

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