EmpArtolution organises free art projects with very little set rules, goals and preset themes. The artists come together for a set time and develop the themes they would like to work on in a group, as well as they the methods on how to express themselfs artisticly.

The intensive exchange of cultural knowlage by the participants is one of five set project goals. An mutual understanding of the different views on art, art history and the contemporary development in the different countries will be created.

The second goal is to encourage new relationships between the artists and support possible further cooperations.

A complete documentation on the project and its development is the third goal. The developing art, the discussions on content and interpersonal matters will be captured continiously in still and motion pictures, as well as in written notes. To ease the evaluation on the emotinal-empathic part of the project the artist will work with diaries. On the end of each day they are supposed to document the last 24 hours of their feelings, ideas and thoughts. This can be done in various ways, using objects, photographes, … In the end all empathic relicts will we revied and discussed together.

To present the evolving art pieces to a broade public audiances is the fourth goal. This will happen in a regular exhibition during the project time. By presenting the empathic relicts from the diaries the exhibition will surpass the level of a simple presentation of the art objects by showing the interpersonal matters of a collective creative time.

The fifth goal is to show the project and its results to a wider audiance in a catalog and by publishing the visual documentations on the web pages.


The core team of EmpArtolution consists of

  • Jo Hempel – Projectdeveloper, Coordinator, Curator
  • Antje Tumbusch – Artistsupport, Coordination

For questions, possible support or other reasons please use the contact form. We are looking forward to your suggestions and comments!